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about haksdhjkahsdjkhasjkaksdhsdkhfkdsProviding and distributing Padideh Sobh Kalar honey the product of this company is provided from honey-dew mountains and Zard Kouh and Kouhrang located in Char.Mahal.Bakhtiari province that is full of variour plants.

Among 700 species of flowers that grow in Kalar and Sabz Kouh, up to 50 species are used in medical science. Among  them we can name:fumitory, Chez, Mekhlese, Adianthum, Afsanti, Choil, Rhubard,Phialo, Wild celery and Yarrow. Also on the foothills Of mountains, species like  Gazi Goast thorn, Tragacanth Goast thorn,Goast thorn, Gandomian.

Specially Goast thorn which has  covered these two foothills of mountains strangely and the honey produced  is so delicious and has plenty of curing propertdhjksahjkdhies.